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Date:Tuesday March 6, 2007 1:59:56 pm MST
Subject:Re: loud squalking
Message:PaulaEdwwina , I'm sorry, but this advice tends to "backfire," it's not so good for them. Whooping back, you will get it back. Make noise, and have fun doing it with them.
If yoou look on the archives you will find that this issue has been addressed, and that it is to your advantage and the birds to make noise with them, spend that little quality time with them, and they'll settle down.

Good luck.

> yorkahireflared wrote:
> > i just got a nanday given to me because he was too loud he is 6
> months
> > old how do i train him to stop screeching i also have a senagall
> when
> > he screches i just say shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and he does
> > please help
> I guess first you have to figure out why he's squaking. For my Nanday
> I get him to stop screecing by whoooooping back at him in such an
> alarming manner that even the dogs come running to see what's the
> matter.
> Paula

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