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Date:Friday March 2, 2007 5:25:21 pm MST
Subject:Speaking of "Cubbies..."
Message:It seems that concerns about cubbies is when it comes to female Nandays because of egg-laying issues.

But, what about our bachelor male Nandays?

I use a Happy Hut, and Samir uses it pretty religiously to sleep in. Other than that, he doesn't use it much at other times (that I know of when I'm home from work, he's always out until night comes)

I've been told not to use happy huts or any other type of "nest" for my bird, because it will turn him into a biting bird anytime I go near his cage due to his happy hut being close by.

To this day, his personality has not changed much, except his trust level has escalated since I got him this past June. His age right now is approximately 2 years old.

So, should I listen to this person that says to not use "nesting" items because I'm risking Samir becoming aggressive around his cage/nest? Or should I continue to let him have it as long as his personality stays consistent of being cuddly and loveable at most all times and steps up every time I ask him to? If for any reason I'd have to take him out while he's in there, I'd make it a point to NOT just go reaching into it to get him. There shouldn't be any reason for me to have to get him out of there while he's sleeping anyway, unless there's some emergency to evacuate or something.
He's been using it since around this past late September, and I have not encountered any biting episodes because of his happy hut.

What do you ya all think about the males using it since there's no worrying about triggering any egg-laying?

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