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Name:Sandra J
Date:Friday March 2, 2007 12:10:23 pm MST
Subject:Re: frying pans
Message:I can't tell you about anodized pans . . . but I can provide you with an good alternative to non-stick pans.

Long before I owned a bird, I fell in love with the old "Visions" pans by Corning.

These pans are made entirely of glass. That way, I can see if something is cooking too fast BEFORE it sticks or burns. I don't need non-stick pans!

Visions made my entry into bird ownership easier, since I didn't have to change my cooking habits to keep my baby safe.

The only problem I discovered was that Corning stopped manufacturing this line a few years ago! So, when my favorite one broke after 17 years of use, I was distraught . . . until I discovered that other desperate Visions' fans were purchasing the sets on e-Bay! I went nuts bidding and won several sets.

Now, I'll never be without one of my favorite pans on hand.

Sandra J

Piti wrote:
> I used to have Calphalon pans that were non-stick. I got rid of them
> when the coating began coming up in spots. I figured, bad for me &
> bad for the birds so I switched to Stainless Steel pots & pans.
> I Googled "anodized pans and birds" and came up with some hits. Try
> it & see what you find. I always err on the side of caution when it
> comes to the "fids".
> Hope that helps.
> Piti    
> sass1125 wrote:
> > Is annodized the same as teflon. I see a lot of non-stick pans out
> > there, but they do not say teflon - are these safe ?

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