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Date:Saturday March 22, 2003 1:41:08 pm MST
Subject:Re: My precious angel!
Message:Oh I forgot to say one more thing. you mentioned him not being able to walk in a straight line. That is too funny! I picture you drawing a line "All right sir, would you walk across this line?" and him wobbling off it hehehe. Maybe I have a strange sense of humor, I want to draw bird jokes one day though LOL. Anyways, when i take my nandays outside on warm days, they sit with me in a chair for a while, then we play in the grass. They all three get down and start walking across the grass and "chick" little things like bits of grass and sticks and leaves, when they all three walk together at the same time in the same direction it looks so funny, I stand above them (I keep a close eye out for cats, dogs, hawks, etc.) and they are so fun to play with outside, the sun also makes them very shiny. When we got Paco he was full of pin feathers and he was dry looking and dull. Not unhealthy, he was well fed, just didn't get bathes, and didn't preen much. Now since he's gotten lots of bathes and sun, his feathers have improved wonderfully! They are full and silky and shiny, the same with the other two, so if you guys ever get chances to take your birds (clipped) outside in the summer, go for it and see how the sun affects their feathers.


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