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Date:Saturday March 22, 2003 1:35:03 pm MST
Subject:Re: My precious angel!
Message:Hahaha yes they are little geniuses!! yes Rusty is always trying to get into trouble hehehe! He is a silly little thing. He knows what is No No and what is OK, so he tries to get away with stuff he knows he's not supposed to, he takes it as far as he can until I get after him LOL. Like a child I guess. He will actually look right at me and try to get something he knows in No No. he knows I will ay no and he knows he is being bad LOL but I usually end up holding him on his back and kissing his tummy and kissing his little face until he bites me. ROFL! They are hilarious sometimes.

Bandit is a real sweety. he had been abused in his past, but he is happy now. He likes to play bell games. I ring a bell, them he rings one, then I ring one, then he rings one. if I don't ring one, he stares at me until I do, then he will ring one. he has about 5 of them, he loves to play. The woman I got him from said he likes to play hide the beak where he puts his beak between the thumb and index finger when you say "put your beak in there, hide the beak bandit!".
its so funny because he will finally do this now. he also shakes with his foot! You put your finger to him and say shake Bandit, and he puts his foot out and shakes your hand :) Its so sweet.

And yes, I definitly agree that I feel blessed to be sharing my life with them! I wouldn't give them uop for anything in the universe, they are so special and wonderful.

Debbie wrote:
> Indica...SMART isn't the word for it!  Nandays are little
> geniuses...when Chester is trying to figure out yet another way to
> get into trouble, you can almost see his brain working overtime! I
> swear when I explain things to him, he understands. I like nothing
> better than a big belly laugh and my little Chester makes me laugh
> til' I cry with the silly things he does!! He loves to get down and
> walk on the floor but he is physically incapable of walking forward
> in a straight line.  If I call him over to me, he comes running but
> not before he's twirled around and backed up a few times first...a
> frustrated Fred Astaire!
> I also got my bird from Petsmart and you're right...the people seem
> thrilled to see him when we go back and to know that he's doing well.
>  I feel so fortunate to have found my little was love at
> first sight for my both my daughter and me.  He is a handful but also
> very affectionate.  After reading some of the stories on the board
> about the poor birds who were rescued from abusive or neglectful
> situations, it makes me appreciate him even more!!  And I'd like to
> say "God Bless You" to all the wonderful people who have taken  these
> precious creatures out of terrrible situations and given them a home
> filled with love and patience.  You are my heroes!  I'd love to have
> more birds but I'm partially disabled and can only manage the one.
> And, Indica, I know you must feel the same way as I do about how if
> feels like a privledge to share your life with these angels!

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