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Date:Friday March 21, 2003 2:47:06 pm MST
Subject:Re: sweet pea
Message:Hi George
 Welcome to the happy world of owning a conure.
 I know that feeling of having such a great bird that you feel like you just must have another.
 However since you are such a new parent maybe it might work a little better to wait a while and give this baby time to bond with you.
 if you get another bird that means that bird will spend time with the other bird and less with you. Is someone home all day?? If no h will truly bond with the other bird
 Not to mention the added cost mess noise and maybe behaviors later.
You do not mention if you have previous bird experience  or if this is your first. but as you can see from reading these little guys are really great BUT they also demand much time and interaction and They need tough love at times to make sure they do not run over you LOL If this is your first I would really say from my experience with birds and owners of birds that maybe you should wait a while and spend time with this new boy(or girl) and let the bird bond. Of course that's Just MY opinion

If you do not and you do go get a new bird please remember to Quarantine and vet checks and all that good safe stuff So that you are sure they are healthy and no one brings anything in
Know also that NOT all diseases birds have can be seen on lab tests and only time can tell with those.

I know several good responsible breeders and would be happy to send some names i also know a couple reputable rescues down your way if thats option. and If this is REALLY what route you decide to take.

Good Luck with your choice
 feel free to email me if I can assist in any way

george wrote:
> My wife and I just got our baby yesterday and already we love her.I
> think that she would like some company though as she tries to talk
> and get to the other birds outside.If you know of any good breeders
> in sc please let me know.She is 3 years old if this makes any
> difference.

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