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Name:Paige & Sam
Date:Wednesday March 19, 2003 5:10:28 pm MST
Subject:Re: My precious angel!
Message:Thank you for the tip, Debbie! I loved reading about Chester. He sounds like an amazing little bird! Sam is doing great! He's eating pelleted food now and LOVES his morning apple and will even try some carrot. He has a newfound love for almonds also! When I talk to our other birds, he likes to yell a few times so that I'll talk to him. It's cute; once I start talking to him he seems quite pleased with himself and makes all sorts of cute little conure noises. I'm glad to say that he hasn't been feather plucking any more, though his chest, wings and legs aren't showing any signs of new feathers. I'm hoping that they will come with time. He really seems to enjoy being with all the other birds. Sam's still biting but I can see with more time, he will grow to trust me. He's a brave little guy! Nandays really are amazing little birds. I can't believe how quickly Sam has adjusted to his new home. =)

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