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Date:Thursday June 22, 2006 9:13:54 am MDT
Subject:Re: biting
Message:I notice that my Nanday tends to want to bite if he's inside the cage and he's being reached for while inside the cage.
What I've learned to do as we've come to the understanding is to just open the cage door, he'll climb down from wherever he's at and come to the door, and step-up onto my hand very pleasantly at the cage door opening.
If he won't come to the cage door opening, as mine has done, I leave him alone, and try again later...and it has worked. I haven't gotten bit by reaching for him while he was inside the cage since.
I've now had my Nanday for just 3 weeks, and we're still learning communication together. Everyday, there's always something new.
As far as his toys go, he seems to be a little bit possessive of them, and I switch/move toys when he's out of his cage, out of biting range and yet, he still can see what I'm doing. Food/Water bowls...he doesn't seem to have a problem with me handling them, so far so good, never had a problem with the bowls.

I'd like to know more about how you got your Nanday, where you got it from, how old is it, and when did you get it? This will also help others here a bit more on how to give further advice with the biting.

I took on this Nanday understanding that I WILL GET BITTEN. It's all part of owning a bird. The question lies as to WHY the bird is biting.
I know that a lot of times, when the bird owner is bitten, it usually is an error on the owner's part for misreading the bird's body language and warning signs, etc. but this is with birds that have not been abused/neglected, and talking about the average happy bird that will NAIL ya sometimes.
I've been bitten several times, but did NOT give an excited dramatized reaction, and acted like I didn't even feel the bite....(yeah, it's hard to do... lol)
Seems that once he saw that biting me has no effect to his desire, he has backed off quite a bit with his biting. He never did bite often, but would bite 2 days in a row, then cease biting to just about zero. Or sometimes he bites my hands while I'm putting him down, I give my wrist a twisting back and forth motion, throwing him off balance, then he stops....still no drama, right? He stopped biting even when I tell him "down"....and has complied with no arguments since twisting my wrist 2-3 times. Gives them a feeling of trying to walk on the log in the water....makes them bring up their wings for balance, and their head seems like it must be higher to balance.

I suppose it's to each their own, whatever works for their birds, since we all know, they're all individuals.

Good luck with your new family member, and tell us more about it.

> wrote:
> > Need just a little advice here. I have a new nanday. Everytime I
> reach
> > in his cage he bites me. It's not a nip ..its a true painful bite.
> It
> > doesn't matter if I'm working with his food dishes or changing his
> > toys. I've ended up with some nasty bruises. Don't get me wrong I
> > love him like crazy. But I don't know what to do to get him to
> > understand I'm not trying to hurt him. I sit next to his cage and
> > talk to him all day long off and on. He is still new to my home so
> I
> > know it will take him some time before he will totally trust me.
> That
> > is why I spend so much time talking with him. If anyone has any
> > information you can share with me I would be more than glad to
> hear
> > it. Thanks for your time.

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