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Date:Thursday June 15, 2006 9:17:30 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Rescued a Nanday Conure
Boy, are you in a fix :-) I say that lovingly and jokingly :-)
You are going to fall in love with the little guy especially since you have to take such special care of him. These birds are very fun loving and can bond wonderfully to a human companion. They can be loud, but it is a birds individual tendency that decides how loud it will be. Some are noisier than others but they are all capable of letting it rip. Since you have Toos though, a conures sound will be a few decibels and notches lower than that of a cokatoo when he or she really winds up and lets it go :-) If a Too is a 12 on a scale from 1 to 10, a conure can be about a 4 1/2. Some may disagree with that unless they have been owned by a cockatoo :-)

He will not add too much to your load and the foods you give the other guys , if a well balanced diet, will be the same for the conure.

He may always be a "special needs bird" think about keeping the little guy :-)

Just a thought,
God Bless you for taking the little guy in!

Yamy wrote:
> Last Sat. there was a really bad storm where a friend of mine lives
> (Key Largo)and it actually knocked down part of this tree that quite
> a few birds had made there home. Some of the babies did not make it
> but 4 baby conures did. My friend kept 3 of them and I took the one
> that looked as if he could not walk nor poop. I took him to the vet
> this right away. He has a fractured back but the doc says with
> antiinflammatory he will be just fine. And I basically have to poop
> him until he could stand on his own. Right now he is just barely
> starting to move his little feet. He has tried to stand several times
> but just falls right back on his side. I am totally mesmerized by my
> little super star. I have 4 other parrots (Moluccan, Sulphur Crested,
> Cuban Amazon, Brazilian Hawk head) I am not sure if I want to keep
> this little angel. Especially because of how load it is in my house
> already. Can anyone tell me about there character and really how loud
> can they get?

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