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Date:Thursday June 15, 2006 1:40:08 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Bird acting crazy as feathers come in
I'll try to research this and see if I can come up with any information. In the meantime I urge extreme caution with the way you hold her as a means to help her. Please be extremely careful not to hold her too tightly. A birds breathing fully depends on its ability to move its chest and sternum. Birds do not have a diaphragm as mammals do. Air moves in and out based solely upon the motion of the birds chest area.

You probably are not holding her too tightly but just be careful.


Pat wrote:
> Hi, You guys helped me greatly a few weeks back when my nanday was
> laying eggs and pulling feathers. The vet gave her a hormone shot and
> I had to give her antibiotic injections for a week (for sinusitis). In
> that time, she pulled every feather she could possibly reach.
> I was so happy as her belly filled in again with feathers, but then
> all heck broke loose. Her back and leg feathers are growing in. She
> is acting crazy! She cannot sit still and jumps alot. She yanks at
> areas until she falls over and she sometimes shakes her head like
> something is tickling her face. I was up most of the night with her.
> I did a search here to see what others have wrote. First thought
> (other than just massive itchiness) was mites but that sounds
> doubtful. It seems almost neurological. The only remedy we have found
> is to hold her tightly. Typing this one-handed because she is now
> sleeping snuggled to my chest. I am attempting to mist her too.
> Let me know if you have any other suggestions. Vet not in the office
> today so I have another night of this coming. WE NEED MORE BIRD
> VETS!!

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