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Date:Thursday June 15, 2006 12:40:41 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Table Top Playgyms
Message:Ok. Her name is Holly and she takes care of all the shipping out of Magnolia Bird Farms... You can e-mail her at Or call her at 951-278-0878 Tues. thursdays, or Saturdays, (except this Saturday she has the day off) She only works part time because she is a college student and Shipping is not a main part of their business, she just does it to help people out.

She said as long as where you're at in the UK, if UPS is available, she is willing to ship via UPS.

By the way, I've uploaded a picture of the tabletop with Samir on it......look at the most recent gallery profile of Samir. :)

Enyar wrote:
> Hi all, does anyone else have websites of where I can get good safe
> table top playgyms from? One of these would be ideal for me and
> Hudson. I cant seem to find any here in the UK.
> Mahlikahs looks great.

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