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Date:Wednesday June 14, 2006 8:05:27 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Table Top Playgyms
Message:I got mine from Magnolia Bird Farms.

It's a double parallel manzanita perch, approximately maybe 16-18 inches long...they're both curved away from each other, and one is just slightly higher than the other, and attached to manzanita posts on the ends down into the base...feels like some kind of stone slate framed in wood as the base. The perches are approximately about 10-12 inches above the slate.

I'll take a picture of it soon with Samir on it, so you can get an idea of how big it is.
Magnolia bird farms can be contacted with this description of the perch, and I'm sure they'll know exactly what perch I'm refering to. When they sell them all, they get more.... so apparently, they're constantly in the making.
They costs 25 dollars directly from the store if you picked one up.
See what the cost would be, if maybe they're willing to ship...
they don't have their own website, but there's a site about them with a few pictures. The pictures don't nearly show what you'd actually take in with your eyes actually being there.

They can be contacted via email at

Good luck with hopefully you getting one of these...or at least something very similiar to it.... it sure comes in handy since the bird can actually sit with you at the coffee table, etc, while you're eating, watching tv, etc. and not actually be physically climbing all over you during times when it isn't appropriate.

Enyar wrote:
> Hi all, does anyone else have websites of where I can get good safe
> table top playgyms from? One of these would be ideal for me and
> Hudson. I cant seem to find any here in the UK.
> Mahlikahs looks great.

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