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Date:Tuesday March 18, 2003 1:59:04 pm MST
Subject:Re: My precious angel!
Message:Hi Debbie, hehehe what a sweety Chester must be! Sounds like my Rusty. He loves to snuggle in my shirt every evening, and sometimes in the afternoon. He is spoiled, and he loves grandma to lol! He likes going bye-bye, I like to take him to petsmart (where I bought him) to, they like to see him. The seem happy to know where one of their birds went. The funny thing is, I swear he knows when i go to work. Whenever I put on one of my work shirts, he wants to be on me more then normal, and sometimes I take him with when I go to work and my mom takes him home, but when I try to give him kisses bye (which normally he gives tons of kisses when we go bye-bye and is very happy) I try to leave to go into work and he gets awnry and bites me and stares at me. They are sure smart.

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