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Date:Monday March 17, 2003 11:14:05 am MST
Subject:My precious angel!
Message:Hi to all you Nanday fans!!  We have a little guy named Chester...I have had all kinds of pets all my life but have never been so completely and hopelessly in love before this little troll came along!  He is my constant companion...loves to go in the car in his Wingabago carrier, to Grandmom's house, to Petsmart (he rides on the back of the childseat in the shopping cart) and even goes birdwatching with our family in nice weather! We have regularly scheduled cuddle-time each day at about the same about 2pm, he climbs inside my shirt, lays on his back against my shoulder and goes to sleep while I sing "BabyFace" to him...please don't mention this to my family as they already think I've gone around the bend where this bird is concerned. Nandays are challenging in terms of their stubborn natures and tempers (Chester always has to have the last word!) but it's worth it in spades!!!  To Paige and Sam...a little trick I learned to get Chester to try new foods is to pretend to eat it myself and loudly exclaim," Yumm,this is so delicious" and make smacking nosies with my lips.  I know it sounds silly but it works everytime!  Chester will try everything I offer him by this method. Nandays aren't for everyone what with their screeching and sometimes biting but there are times that Chester can sing like a lark and comfort me when I'm down. I couldn't imagine my life without's like having another baby to love but the good thing is he SLEEPS through the night!!!  Enjoy your Nandays!

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