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Date:Saturday March 15, 2003 10:56:33 am MST
Subject:Re: Pippi & Paco
Message:Hi Sue, ohhh the poor little guys :( That sounds terrible where they came from. Here's what I suggest you start with. First, if you haven't yet, clean their cage really good, give them a couple toys, and ofer them a bath. They might not except, but its worth a try. Also, if they are on dowel perches, get them some fresh branches to put in. Make sure you don't get any poisonus. I find elm is the best, its sweet and very safe, and they love chewing the branches up!

Have the cage in a quiet room with fair lighting, or a window where they can see out. Sit down next to the cage and talk softley to them for a while. Even if they jump around frightened, just sit very calm and keep talking soft to them. tell them how very pretty they are, and just everything else, ask them if they like their food and offer a treat. They might not take it, but you can put it through the bars or in their food dish. After a while, leave and let them have some time alone. Go in a little later and do this again, just sit and talk to them. open their door and let them out of their cage. If they don't come out, that is OK, just leave the door open. Make sure if their wings are not clipped, that they are in a room that is safe to fly in if they decide to get out and fly. Another good room is the bathroom, usually they are well lit and quiet, and they might like to perch on the shower curtain if there is one. A bedroom is good to.

You can set a bowl or pan of water on op of the cage and a dish of food. offer them broccoli, even if they don't touch it, they might and since conures are prone to a bleeding diorder, they need the vitamin K. You can offer bits of toast, baked potato, bits of chicken, cereal like cheerios, and my conures LOVE nutriberries! One of my nandays was said to not like them, but after I got him and he seen the others eating them, he lvoes them lol.

it will take a long time to gain their trust, but start by that and you should start gaining their trust soon. Just lots of patience love and understanding, and you can have some sweet birds before you know it :) Keep us posted.

     Indica & Flock

Sue wrote:
> 5 weeks ago I began fostering two Nandays. They came from a breeder
> who was abusing them. They were in the deepest , darkest part of the
> basement. They never saw the light of day. They ate only pellet, no
> fruits, vegetables or seed. They are happily eating seed, pellet and
> corn. I cannot get them to eat any fruit or other types of
> vegetables. Any suggestions?
> They are also very frightened. The one hides its head behind the
> others neck. They are just now sitting on their perch and starting to
> play with a toy.
> I'm convinced they can never be seperated. How do I work/bond with
> them when they are so dependant on each other?
> Thanks for any help!
> Sue

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