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Date:Thursday September 18, 2003 6:34:30 am MDT
Subject:Re: Cheap toys
Message:What a resourceful woman. Great ideas. I will definitely try them. My Nanday, Guapo has a jolly time with newspaper shredding (b&w..not color). I should start a service. Anyone with confidential papers that want them permanently destroyed should go to Guapo. He'll see to it that they are kaput!

Lynda wrote:
> Here are some cheap toy ideas for those looking for them.
> A hit here is a bundle of straws with a plastic zip tie zipped
> tightly in the middle. It forms like a star. Some of my conure
> freinds use colorful coffeee stirrers. Zip ties can be found at Home
> Depot. Electricians use them to bundle wire.
> Branches from bottle brush trees and orange trees. I sterilize the
> branches in the oven to kill bugs then pass them out. The birds love
> stripping bark. Flowers from the hibiscus bush are fun also and safe
> to eat. I just rinse them well
> A cotton glove filled with dry grass and crunchy stuff. Tie tightly
> on top and hang from the top of the cage. My conures love to chew
> through cloth the holes in my shirts testify to that.
> Birdie bagels. They are circles of compressed brown paper. Under a
> dollar and lots of shredding fun. I find mine at bird fairs. they
> also can be found at some stores online.
> I get brown napkins from Taco bell and tie them in bows for fun foot
> toys. popsicle sticks and old fashioned wooden clothes pins are great
> chewing fun.
> I search the dollar stores for good bird things. That is where I find
> the cotton gloves.
> I purchase toy kits from . She will
> soon start selling toy parts also.  I get cute conure toys for under
> ten dollars. Toys for my big bird run about fifteen in a kit.
> Watch out for yarn in toys. It will snag toe nails and cause injury.
> so will soft cotton rope. Also watch out for rope that separate. Many
> a bird has been found hung in the cage because it got it's head
> tangled up in a rope toy. I prefer sisal or poly rope for my toys.
> Never use any metal that you do not know for sure is stainless steel!
> Hope this helps.
>  Lynda

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