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Date:Thursday September 18, 2003 1:00:28 am MDT
Subject:Spell Check!
Message:A spell check feature has been added to the message system!

Thanks to Lynda for suggesting the addition of spell check, and to C. for "seconding the motion." I never would've thought of it myself, but the suggestion stuck in my head. I'd never written any kind of spell check program before, and the challenge intrigued me. What I ended up with is far from perfect, but I think it's better than nothing.    ;^)

I hope everyone continues to pass along any suggestions for improvement of anything on Nanday.Com -- this is really your site.

To use the new feature, just click on the Spell Check button while composing a message. Due to space limitations and to ensure quicker spell checks, I didn't use a huge word list, but it should be more or less sufficient. Originally, the list didn't include either nanday or conure, but I added those, of course. Please notify me of any other words which you discover which need to be added.

Thanks to everyone for participating here!

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