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Date:Wednesday September 17, 2003 10:14:44 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Toys???
Message:Yep, Thats the way it was with our rescue nanday Diego. He ignored his toys. Then one day we got him just the right swing with wooden blocks all the way around the top. From there he went nuts. Now he is a beaver and I am buying wooden and leather toys for him every month.
Those of you with nandays that don't touch toys, don't stop trying. Someday you will find just the right thing to spark an interest. A happy nanday loves to play.

C. wrote:
> My nanday wasn't interested in toys much either in the beginning. That
> all changed once he found his first beloved wooden ring attached to a
> bundle of string. Every Nanday will have his/her own favorite "thing"
> that makes them happy.
> I've seen people who make homemade toys for their Conures. Why not
> give Sammy kids toys? Just make sure that the parts aren't too small
> for her, that the edges aren't jagged or too sharp etc. Just use
> common sense. Nandays love rope, plastic pieces that are bright,
> thick yarns, blocks, bells, mirrors and sturdy materials. She is
> probably attracted to your kids' toys because they are colorful. Have
> fun with it.
> Best,
> C.

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