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Date:Thursday September 11, 2003 7:51:25 am MDT
Subject:Re: Teaching Old Nandays New Tricks
Message:Hi Leonard,

This matter takes a lot of patience! When I found my Nanday Guapo, I had no idea how old he was etc. He didn't speak. I thought he never would. He's been with me 4 mos. now and not a peep out of him except the usual screeching...until about 2 weeks ago. One morning as I uncovered him, I said my daily "hello" to him in a very light and melodic tone. He actually whistled the exact tone of my call. I couldn't believe it until I said "hello" again and he mimicked me again! Now every time that I say something to him, he repeats the tone and inflection. I know that eventually he will speak because I read recently that mimicking sounds is the first step toward speaking. Parrots love when you speak to them in a light soft voice. So my advice to you is to keep to repetition daily through short phrases like "hello", "night night", "no", "good", “treat” etc. Do not change your wording. For example, when you bathe him, say “bath time!“ or when you feed him say “dinner”. He will come around. Remember that the older and more set in ways a pet becomes, the more difficult it is to instill new behavioral patterns. It is an attainable goal. One that will come with time. Good luck and keep us informed.


Leonard wrote:
> I have a 6 year old nanday who won't do anything I try to teach him.
> In fact he won't even whistle. I really need help teaching this bird
> some tricks. If anyone can help me please follow up this message.
> Thanks, Leonard.

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