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Name:Paige & Sam
Date:Thursday March 13, 2003 6:25:25 pm MST
Message:Wow! Today I made lots of progress with Sam!!! Tonight, I used a cloth to take Sam out of his cage. He was quite scared at first, but I took him up to my room to do homework (and get him away from his cage) and he calmed down a lot after a while. He kept trying to fly away but he would step up onto my hand really well! He then settled onto my shoulder but decided to play in my hair. Well, he got tangled in my hair and while I was getting it off his leg, he grabbed my arm in a big pinch (he was scared though, poor guy). I got my hair off his leg and he just laid there on his back for a few seconds - poor guy! It was so pitiful! But he calmed down and decided that he liked to sit on my shoulder and snuggle against my face. After 30 or so more minutes, he started blinking and snuggled closer - he was getting sleepy. =) Sam was really good for the 2nd time out of his cage!!!

About food - he's still partial to sunflower seeds and peanuts but he seems to really like his apple. He got some carrot yesterday but didn't touch it and I believe he ate a bit of his banana today. =)

He's been such a good boy! I know Sam's going to be a real sweetheart.
~Paige & Sam

Kristin wrote:
> wow...he is making great progress already by letting you get him out
> of his cage...thats very trusting of a bird because their cage is
> THEIR domain and if they don't want you in...They will let you
> know...
> on the food thing...if you have time that is...maybe if you can try
> to get him eating fruits and veggies every morning my baby gets fresh
> grapes, carrots, zucchini(sp) and all sorts of other
> stuff...something else you might want him to try to get on to is a
> kind of bread I use with my nanday...the breeder that I met uses this
> to actually hand feed her babies...but its called Monkey Bread you
> can sometimes find it at petstores...or its alot easier online...
> I can't wait to hear more about sam and Im very happy at the progress
> already...
> Good Luck
> ~Kris

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