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Date:Wednesday September 10, 2003 9:29:00 pm MDT
Subject:Stubborn Sammy!!
Message:I am so pleased that I found this site.  I have been posting to a few other sites but none for Nandays.  I posted on a previos thread but have a few other questions.  I have a 6 year old Nanday, she had a previous owner who passed away several weeks ago now.  She came to us about 3 weeks ago now, I have much of her trust.  She will get on my shoulder when I put my shoulder to her perch, but she will not step onto my hand, I have been giving her my hand for 2 weeks now.  She will hold my hand with one foot and rub her head on my thumb, and even rub her chest on my other fingers but she will not step up and let me hold her.  She has alot of issues with us touching her back or wings.  I have given her the "dirty looks" everyone suggests and used stern voices.  I was told that she would step onto your hand when you said "UP" but now she won't.  I understand that trust must be a factor.  I would like to know the basics of training her.  Any suggestions of what to do first??? Thanks for all the help, I hope to start a gallery of her own soon. Becky

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