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Date:Sunday August 7, 2005 8:26:36 am MDT
Subject:Re: Computer nandays Re: Humidifiers
Message:Yes, that is a good point! LOL! But my hubby usually warns them that this bird is loud and how it likes to bite and protect all this belongings from him, my hubby. He tells them all that he knows why this adult nanday was looking for a new home when we found him. Most guests are afraid of the beak and they prefer we put all parrots back in their cage before they relax and visit.   Those who do want to interact with a bird usually ask to hold a cockatiel or the barraband.

My nanday has only spent a few moments on my Dad and my hubby's Dad. He really liked my hubby's dad (probably because of all that facial hair) and did charm him, indeed. But Mike's Dad is a no-nonsense type of guy that clearly states that he doesn't want a bird. He says he likes to come over here and visit our birds and dogs, but he has 3 dogs of his own and he doesn't have the time for a parrot.

I always tell people who think they want a parrot that they do not make good pets for most people and I go on to explain why in the most honest and unappealing way I can. I don't try to glamourize it at all. But then again, I know my face lights up when anyone starts talking about my Gizzy Bird. LOL! Yes, my special, special baby, that bird.

Sam wrote:
> Margaret wrote: > "Maybe I just got lucky with a good, sweet little
> nanday. <grin> He is very special to me and I> really love this bird.
> He's a keeper, for sure."Though it can be a bit of a curse having
> perfectly behaved and highly responsive birds. I long ago gave up
> showing off my nanday to visitors, especially non-bird people. The
> temptation is there for them to go out and buy a nanday, thinking
> they'll get a bird just like mine.

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