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Date:Saturday August 6, 2005 9:44:59 am MDT
Subject:Re: Humidifiers
Message:That's Ok. I'm a few blocks from Lake michigan. Humidity in the summer (especially this one) hasn't been a problem. just thinking about the winter...ANd for the record - I would not have bought one of the overpriced things in the magazine, I just keep hearing and reading a lot about humidity issue. it will be awhile before Ziggy will be comfortable enough for me to get her in the shower so I just need ideas for this winter to keep her hydrated so to speak.   Karen

P.S. Ziggy nibbles on my ear (nicely) when I am at the computer, its just been since she plays on the gym that she will crawl off and bite the keys....:)

Sam wrote:
> Your first purchase should probably be a hygrometer to see if
> you even have a humidity problem. Then you can shop around if need
> be, what you saw in the magazines are overpriced for what you get. Or
> you could move down here to the Gulf Coast, no worries about dry air
> here...

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