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Date:Saturday August 6, 2005 9:04:41 am MDT
Subject:Re: Computer nandays Re: Humidifiers
Message:LOL! Yours sounds like quite the bossy fun little bird. What characters they are, indeed.

Actually, my green cheek and my cockatiels do a bigger number on the computer than my sweet, good little Gizzy bird. I'll set Gizzy up at the table with me where he plays in and on top of a small cage filled with his favorite toys and he rarely leaves the cage at all. He loves that little cage. He likes to play on top of it where I have a toy that partly hangs through the bars on top and partly is on top of the cage. The door is always open and if he isn't sitting on the "porch", then he's climbing up to my shoulder where he is also such a good bird, maybe rubbing his head on my cheek. Maybe I just got lucky with a good, sweet little nanday. <grin> He is very special to me and I really love this bird. He's a keeper, for sure.

<grin> Really, if it wasn't for the tiels jumping on the keyboard and changing, deleting or shutting down my computer for me, then I've got them leaving droppings and crumbs in my keyboard. They chew my fingernails while I type and try to stick their head inside my hand between my typing thumb and pointy finger for scritches (they practically stand on their heads for scritches when I'm holding them). Then the green cheek always runs for the mouse and she tears the mess out of the rubber cushioned wheel on top and goes for the cord. She is my little computer terror. I've gone through a few computer mouses over the years thanks to her. I even tried a cordless ones for a while. Now I'm using the optical mouse so that crumbs, feathers and bird dust doesn't get caught in the ball on the bottom.

Sam wrote:
> You mean your nanday isn't fascinated by all the paraphernalia and
> activity involved in computering? Ever tried to type with a
> nanday determined to perch on your hand?

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