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Date:Friday August 5, 2005 9:23:46 pm MDT
Subject:Re: another molting questions, odd feathers
Message:Well a couple of months isnt to far off the mark I think with him. We arent supplementing with animal protien. And yes, he does have access to sunlight, though probably not enough to tell you the truth. Its 100+ out here right now, you can fry an egg out here in the sunlight..... so I have been hesitant to get him in the sunlight. :(

On the winter chewing, there was a whole round with the vet, then a new vet and I learned the hard way about humidity and not enough bathing. We made some changes, humidifier for awhile, he has his own personal 'spa' on top of his cage with fresh water and aloe juice for his leisure whenever he is out. He takes showers with me almost every day and even though he may not be in the mood to get wet each time, he still gets a good dose of steam. And we moved him to a sleeping cage at night so he could get a full nights sleep each night. Over all, he appears to be doing better. I think the molt happened at a good time as well. He has been so preoccupied with new feathers that he doesnt seem to have had time to chew on the ones already there. Ever so slowly I am seeing more and more 'whole' feathers.

(Im tired, please excuse the horrific grammer)

So yeah


Sam wrote:
> Dawn1 wrote:
> > "About how long should molting take?"
> ---A couple of months, a little shorter for a light molt, a little
> longer for a hard molt. Are you supplementing the diet with animal
> protein? A little offered twice a week during the molt tends to speed
> things along. And does the bird have access to sunlight/full spectrum
> lighting?You mentioned winter chewing. Often the cause is nothing
> more than dryness of heated air also drying out the bird's skin.

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