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Date:Friday August 5, 2005 8:59:20 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Humidifiers
Message:I take it that you're pleased about her coming out of her shell, so to speak. LOL! Be careful with what you wish for as she may be quite the little trouble-finding feathered monkey when she gets really comfortable there with you. LOL!

My Gizzy (aka Goszmo, Gizmo, etc...) is typically very good at my computer table. He has never chewed a cord or tore open any speaker...but then again, he doesn't get the opportunity because I watch him like a hawk. <grin> But he is a very good bird anyhow. He is my special baby out of all my birds. My conures are my favorites. What personality.

ziggysmom wrote:
> She will play on the second playgymn I got her. She even crawled off
> and took a peck at the computer (while I was there). She is getting
> more adventuresome.   Karen

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