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Date:Friday August 5, 2005 8:38:00 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Humidifiers
Message:Thankyou yes that is helpful.. I don't really heat the office that much as all the windows face east and it heats up very nicely. Ziggy is getting used to my misting her everyday - still isn't completely thrilled. Doesn't seem to know what to do yet with a shallow dish. But she has used the water dish.

She will play on the second playgymn I got her. She even crawled off and took a peck at the computer (while I was there). She is getting more adventuresome.   Karen

Margaret wrote
> I don't use a humidifier. A humidifier is just one more thing to keep
> clean and disinfected to ensure your bird's health.
> I let my birds bathe as often as they like by providing a shallow
> bathing dish (sometimes they use their water cups anyway). When the
> time comes for the central heat to come on, I will take them to the
> bathroom a couple times a week, in addition to the regular access to
> a shallow bathing dish, and put them on a shower perch while I run
> the shower and get the room nice and steamy while misting them with
> the water mister, aiming above their heads and letting it fall on
> them like rain. Bathing is best done earlier in the day rather than
> later, especially in the winter, so that the bird is warm and dry
> before it goes to bed, a time when temps are often cooler in the
> home.

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