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Date:Friday August 5, 2005 8:29:04 pm MDT
Message:You know, feather picking is a very complex avian problem. The reasons could be anything from emotional problems to stress related problems, to health problems. The specific causes are seeminly endless.

I'm not a big proponent on sprays, and I think the reasoning behind them are to either give off a bad taste so that the bird doesn't want it in his mouth or to help soothe dry itchy skin which can be one cause of the picking. Parrots don't have an aversion to strong/bad tastes like a dog or human might because parrots don't have saliva.

There is a product called Pluck No More which is claimed to have a 95% success rate. I don't know much about the product and have never used it myself, so I can't say if that would work in Huey's situation or not. The manufacturer advertises that it is a cure for stress related picking problems. You can read about it here and you'd probably want to ask around to see what others who have used the product think about it.

A common complaint of fully flighted birds who are allowed too much (nearly constant) freedom in the home is that the birds become less cooperative and often more bitey. If your bird was allowed to do this for a year and then you recently removed this privilege (which I agree that the bird should not have had this sort of freedom in the home to begin with), the feather picking may be a result of that loss of freedom. The bird may be feeling stress over the fact that he doesn't know why the freedom was revoked and because he has no control over being able to get that freedom back.

Good luck with Huey. Let us know how things progress.

HUEY wrote:
> For maybe the past 7 or 8 months Huey a 12 year old nanday who we've
> had for 2 years has been plucking his feathers off his belly and his
> legs (basically anywhere he can reach), recently he has started to
> chew on them for whatever reason.
> We are his fourth owners and nothing has changed at our house since
> we've had him to provoke this reaction. He did a one year stint of
> almost uncontrolled freedom which did not help his behavior or his
> manners.
> Any ideas? and does anyone know if the various sprays work to stop
> him from doing this? he's not old but he is 12 and we are concerned
> that a spray might just aggravate him more.
> all help appreciated.
> thanks
> hueys dad

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