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Date:Friday August 5, 2005 11:48:46 am MDT
Subject:A decison
Message:After giving considerable thought to the bull going on concerning what I do know, what assummed I don't know, people twisting what I've actually said and making into whatever they choose I've made a decision.

At first, yes I was angry, now I'm not angry anymore.

I find what a few of the supposed experts, A. and M. completely off, assuming, pointing fingers over situations they know little or nothing about.

And for the sake of people that want to come here, grow and learn, that is if they will now this little stunt happened by the supposed experts I am leaving the board.

For a few months? I don't know. Could be.
Indefinately? Likely.

More galleries of My flock: Kiwi Anna, Mr. Bird, egg babies should they survive, Dusty, and Greyson will not happen for the duration I am off the board.

If you have questions, email me. I will not answer any questions presented to me on this board.

Hopefully: the supposed experts will take some time to think things, and how they respond to some on this board with certain situations in a professional manner.

For this: I do apologize to those of you that have had to listen, read the bull that went down.

May your birds live long happy lives with you.


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