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Date:Thursday August 4, 2005 11:02:35 am MDT
Subject:What I do know
Message:I've been reading..........still much to read, and much to learn........
But this is what I do know.

The temperature must be a steady or constant 95-98 degrees. The babies if they are not cared for the mom and dad due to bad parenting or other problems the babies will have to be pulled, put in a nursery incubator- a brooder "I've been looking at some web sites"

And the babies must be fed at least 8 to 9 times daily and you have to be extremely careful because you can injure the babies.

And yes, I did learn right after I typed it that the crop shouldn't always be full because of the food spoiling. They need to be cared for just as often if not more than a human baby.

And some books I'm hoping to find at the library are the following:
A Guide to Incubation and Handraising Parrots by Phil Digney.

A video called Hand Rearing Parrots by Rosemary Love and Robert Harvey.

Handfeeding and Raising Baby Birds by Dr. Mathew Vreindo.

Parrots: Hand Feeding and Nursery Management.

Have you heard anything about these books?

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