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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Tuesday August 2, 2005 12:04:56 am MDT
Subject:Re: Books - Survey for everyone
Message:Had a bit of a bird emergency, so I'm a bit late...

> What bird/parrot/conure books do you own? (anything from broad to
> specific)
I'll keep it specific. I have around 20 "birds of the world" type books, a ton of gamebird and passerine/softbill books and various field guides, some of which include parrots, but I won't list them all here. I'll keep it to parrot specific books.

1)Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot, by Mattie Sue Athan

2)The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bird Care and Training, by Jaqueline O'Neil

3)Conures a Complete Pet Owners Manual, by Matthew M. Vriends

4)Parrots... Parrots... Parrots! A collection of Articles, by Layne David Dicker

5)Abundantly Avian, The compiled works of Phoebe Linden

6)Diseases of Cage and Aviary birds, 3rd ed, edited by Rosskopf and Woerpel

7)Bird Diseases, by Arnall and Keymer

8)Parrots and Related Birds, by Bates and Bussenbank

9)The Parrot Training Handbook, by Jennifer Warshaw

10)Let's Celebrate Pet Birds, by T.J.Lafeeber

11)First Aid for Birds, by Julie Rach and Gary Gallerstein

12)African Grey Parrots, by Helmut Pinter

13)The African Grey, by Julie Rach

14)Birds off the Perch, by Larry Lachman, Diane Grindol, and Frank Kocher

15)A Birdkeeper's Guide to Cockatoos, by David Alderton

16)Cockatoos, a Complete Bird Owner's Manual, by Werner and Suzanne Lantermann

17)Beginner's guide to Cockatoos, by David Alderton

18) Why Does My Bird Do That, by Julie Rach

19)Australian Parrots, A Field and Aviary Study, by B.R. Hutchins and R.H.Lovell

20) Practical Incubation, by Rob Harvey

21)Hand-Feeding and Raising Baby Birds, by Matthew M. Vriends

22)Parrot Incubation Procedures, by Rick Jordan

23)Parrots: Hand Feeding and Nursery Management, by Rick Jordan and Howard Voren

24)The world of Cockatoos, by Karl Diefenbach

25)Breeding Conures, by Robbie Harris

26)Psittacine Aviculture, by Schubot, Clubb, and Clubb

27)The Complete Parrot, by Arthur Freud

28)The Professional's Book of Conures, by John Coborn

29)Laboratory Medicine, Avian and Exotic Pets, ed. by Alan M. Fudge

30)The Handbook of Amazon Parrots, by Decoteau

31)Encyclopedia of Amazon Parrots, by Klaus Bosch and Ursula Wedde

32)Under the Microscope—Microscope and Pathogen Identification in Birds and Reptiles, by Dr. Danny Brown

33)The Complete Bird Owner's Handbook, by Gary Gallerstein

34-42) various old TFH books - macaws, conures, african greys, parrots, budgerigars, taming, cockatiels.

> What, in your opinion, is the best book you own? and why?

Parrots: Hand Feeding and Nursery Management, ties here with Psittacine Aviculture. As a breeder, I think these two books contain the best information covering a broad range of topics, about a large variety of parrot species. They are written by very experienced people, and contain a great deal of information that I have not seen mention of anywhere else. Great references, both of them.

> Which book do you refer to the most?

Diseases of Cage and Aviary Birds - I'm re-reading the sections on basic care and management, avian anatomy, pediatrics, and microbiology. It's a useful reference. A vet book, technical, but with a lot of good basic information and some in-depth info which is useful for a breeder.

> What book have you found to be least useful? and why?

All the old TFH books. They are so outdated that most of the info is useless.

> Do you read or subscribe to any bird magazines, newsletters, etc?
> which ones?
Currently don't subscribe to any. Have a ton of old issues of Birdtalk, CPQ, Original Flying Machine, ASA bulletin, Bird Breeder, Bird World, and Gamebird Gazette. I get old issues from friends :)

> Which magazines to you like best?
Original Flying Machine was a good one, a shame it went under. CPQ is not bad though I wish there was less Sally B. in it. ASA Bulletins are really neat.

> If you had the money, which 5 bird books would you most like to add
> to your collection?
1)Egg Incubation : Its Effects on Embryonic Development in Birds and Reptiles, ed by Deeming and Ferguson (very technical, scientific papers)

2)The Large Macaws, by Joanne Abramson

3)Avian Medicine: Principles and Application (the unabridged hardcover), by Ritchie, Harrison, and Harrison

4) Parrots of the World, by Joseph M. Forshaw

5)Parrots in Aviculture: A Photo Reference Guide, by Rosemary Low

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