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Date:Monday August 1, 2005 3:52:21 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Books - Survey for everyone
Message:Anna and Boo wrote:
> Because the subject of books came up, I am curious to see what
> everyone here reads about parrots.
> What bird/parrot/conure books do you own? (anything from broad to
> specific)

My Answer: I have The Conure Handbook by Anne C. Watkins, I have How to tame & Train Cockateils. I don't remember the author, Caring for a Parrot Multiple Bird Households Good Health and Nutrition Keeping the peace taming and Training.
I occassionaly buy a bird talk magazine, but not often.
Other articles I have read in passing at the library.
> What, in your opinion, is the best book you own? and why?
Answer: I really haven't given this much thought, but your question, and Kiwi laying eggs has lead me to believe I need to study birds, especially Nandays and Cockateils more thouroughly to be the best human mommy to them I can be. But what I would say in my opinion what the best book I ever owned on thi subject would be a book that is written by a person who has had birds in the past, present and will in the future.
I also believe that people with many years of experience are also reasons I would select a book to read on do's, don't's, the broad spectrum of things.

In fact I don't know if it would ever happen or not, but you- Anna, Sam, Bruce, and Margaret. If you were to write a book on the subject on what should be known, things you should do, I know it would take a long time to write, but if you guys wrote a referrence guide on caring for birds that is a book that I know I would purchase.

> Which book do you refer to the most? So far it has been Taming and Training Cockateils because my Conure Handbook is newly aquired. Thus far I have not needed further referene other than asking, and explaining questions and concerns I have on this web board.
> What book have you found to be least useful? and why? The ones I obviously have not read, or paid much attention too. That will be changing between now, and after our upcoming move.
> Do you read or subscribe to any bird magazines, newsletters, etc?
> which ones? No, but I am aware of bird-n-bloom, and Bird Talk. If I didn't have a habit of tossing magazines those are two that I know I would buy.

My Answer: No I do not: I just simply have a difficult time with Magazines, and most end up in the garbage. (Books have better chances with me)
> Which magazines to you like best? I don't know.
> If you had the money, which 5 bird books would you most like to add
> to your collection?

1st one: The book that You, Margaret, Same and Bruce would write for a reference guide.
2nd: Margaret brought my attention to something I really didn't think much about, How can one stop or discourge parrot's being bought and sold like factory items. Things to do about it....................
3. The hands on approach of caring, loving, and learning to care for rescued birds. All 4 of mine were rescued. .............................. I am unaware of titles...............
4.Food do' and don'ts for birds, habitats for conures.......... Handfeeding manuels.
5. The ABC's of basic need to know things for Parrots.........

I know many are not titles, but these are my answers.

As I have said before: New goals to make life better for my conures, cockateils...... and so I'll know what they need.

I hope this helps some Anna, I'm very anxious to hear your response.

> I'll post my answers tomorrow, it'll take me some time to type up the
> titles of everything.

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