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Date:Saturday July 30, 2005 7:26:39 pm MDT
Message:Any good books or articles pertaining to rehomed birds that would be of value?
(And any good general bird book, as well.

We are getting along as well as can be expected. I'm Ziggy's third home (at least) in her brief 4 year old life). She comes right out of the cage and up to the top and dances around and has fun.( I have even put toys on the outside so when she does her monkey thing there is stuff for her to do) If I put a chair near the cage and sit by it she will eventually slide down the side and come onto my finger and then onto my shoulder and sit nicely (unless of course she tries to put her head in my mouth and no I do not let her...)

She still bobs her head a lot and bobs her body back and forth. I am wondering if sometimes this is for fun and not just for stress. I can start it and she will mimic me and dance when I do and her bob her head to mine. We move our heads in unison when she is on my shoulder.

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