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Date:Saturday July 30, 2005 12:54:33 pm MDT
Subject:Re: dark eye ring
Message:This article on a finch site talks about Vitamin D in Cage Bird Nutrition - and most, if not all, of this information also pertains to our nandays. Vitamin D is stored in limited amounts in the bird's body and is stored mainly in the liver.

Birds with preen glands (not all birds have preen glands, as I'm sure you know, such as Amazons and Pionus) that are exposed to sunlight can synthesize their own Vitamin D and you can read about that in this article here - . The birds will spread the oil containing a "pre-vitamin D" from the preen gland over their feathers and then while sitting in direct sunlight, the pre-vitamin D is changed over to Vitamin D and is ingested by the bird when it preens a second time, after sitting in the sunlight.

There are also 4 short paragraphs on this page about Vitamin D in birds -

I've been unable to find a diagnostic test that can measure the amount of vitamin D being absorbed by the bird, but if the bird was having a malabsorption problem of any nutrients that should cause some signs of illness. In the case of vitamin D and bones, perhaps there is a bone density test that an avian vet could perform. Why anyone would want to go to that extent with their pet bird as a factor to help determine eye ring pigment is beyond me though <smile>.

I hope some of this information helps further discussion on this topic.

Anna and Boo wrote:
> I wonder how a bird could be tested for Vit D absorption...
> Bruce Byfield wrote:
> >
> > I wonder if that means that the birds are absorbing Vitamin D?

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