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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Friday July 29, 2005 6:13:23 pm MDT
Subject:Re: dark eye ring
Message:But see, in this case you can't say diet alone is responsible. Jabberwock was raised in your home (not much sun) then flew wild (lots of sun) then got caught and went back home (not much sun). Since both sun exposure and diet had changed, you really can't say for certain which factor caused the change in the eye ring color...

I am very curious about this, so forgive me, it's the scientist in me talking... Two convincing tests would be, changing diet alone (ie, good to bad and back) and changing sun exposure alone. For example, if you find a neglected sun kept outdoors, dark eyes, and get his owners to improve his diet and see if his eyerings change color. Or take several of your babies with white eyes and keep them outdoors 24/7 with no change in diet and see if their eyerings change color. If I ever have too many babies and too much time on my hands (yeah right, LOL) I could do an experiment with 4 groups - 2 outdoor, 2 indoor, half on great diets, half on not so great. That would be telling, I think.

I wonder how a bird could be tested for Vit D absorption...

Bruce Byfield wrote:
> Jabberwock,one of her chicks, left us at the age of four
> months with white eye-rings. He spent 4-6 months in the wild, was
> recaptured, and then returned to us (we know the bird was Jabberwock,
> because he had two albino claws and obviously recognized our home).
> When he returned, he had black eye-rings. After three months back
> with us, eating a good diet, his eye rings became white again.
> Since Jabberwock presumably got all the sun time he could handle in
> the wild, it seems like diet alone can change the color.
> Interesting that you've seen the change in response to sunlight, too.
> I wonder if that means that the birds are absorbing Vitamin D?

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