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Date:Thursday July 28, 2005 5:44:34 pm MDT
Subject:Re: New to conure world
Message:This bird is going to grieve a bit for the life he lost and he will likely be afraid and a bit unsure of his new life there with you. I'm sure he didn't want to leave his old owner and he's not seeing you exactly like a friend or anything right now.

If he's spent all this time in his cage, he may not feel safe outside of his cage and it may take him a lot of time to learn to trust you (and your family) enough to venture out of his cage. He may need some help getting him to come out of his cage, but that isn't anything you're going to be ready to do anytime too soon.

Birds do not give unconditional love. They are very intelligent - recent studies pitted birds agains chimps and the birds won the intelligence contest. They are right up there with chimps and dolphins as far as intelligence goes. You need to respect their feelings whether it is that they're afraid to come out, or that they don't feel like interacting at the particular time you choose to try interacting, etc...

You also need to spend a lot of time with the bird. Let the bird observe you and your moods. If you are a relatively calm, gentle, compassionate and even tempered person you will have a much better chance getting the bird to trust you than if you are a more volatile, easily frustrated and easily angered person. If you are predictable in your moods and actions, your bird will feel more at ease. Birds like routine and they like knowing what to expect. With routine there is comfort and security.

Your new bird is going to need time to learn what you are all about. It is going to need time to learn the new routines there at your house. This is not anything that is going to happen "soon". Likely this is going to be a relationship that develops over time, such as months to years - yes, years with an "s" at the end. It is just going to depend on your methods and how you and your bird interact together. Not all birds are compatible with all people. Parrots are also not a good pet for most people. They are loud, messy, demanding, and they bite the hand that feeds them.

My advice to you is to let this bird settle in and get used to things. Give him a couple of weeks at least. Do spend time with the bird every day and try to set aside an hour or two each night where you are not feeling rushed nor stressed. When your energy level is as such, the bird is less likely to cooperate and the whole interaction is likely to have negative undertones. You need to interact with the bird when you are relaxed and calm. Talk to the bird, let him watch you, read to the bird in a slow soothing tone, show him pictures. The more positive interactions you can have with the bird, the easier it will be for continued and future positive interactions to occur. When you greet him, hand him a treat of some sort. If he is gentle enough, let him take a sunflower seed or piece of dried papaya from your fingers through the bars. If he isn't give him something a little larger to play with, maybe a bendy straw or a skinny piece of multi-grain bread that is long enough to keep your fingers at a safe distance.

What is the bird eating? When do you cover it for bed? When do you uncover it in the morning? Does the bird have any toys or things to do (besides eat and sit) in his cage? Does the bird play with the toys? Where is his cage now located? In what room of the house, proximity to windows, etc... What time do people usually go to bed in your home?

Ancus wrote:
> Hi I just came home with a Nanday conure( at least it looks like one
> from the pics i compared) His owner was older and couldn't take care
> of him any longer. and he was in his cage for 10 yrs his owner was
> able to touch him but not ne one else. I am hoping to be able to
> handle him soon any advice on what to do these first few days to get
> off to the right start? Also I know I need to get him a better cage
> shall I wait to get it since he just had a move to a new family?
> Thanks for your time

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