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Date:Wednesday March 12, 2003 9:05:53 pm MST
Subject:Re: cannot tame our nanday conure
Message:Clip his wings so he cant fly away and let him learn to trust U, they are very challenging birds, U also must show them whose boss and show authority or else they will take advantage of U. Just sounds like hes not house broken yet, clip his wings and be patient, it will pay off.


nickki wrote:
> i have a nanday conure and as lovely as he is, we just cannot tame
> him. He freaks out when we try to get him out of his cage. He will
> not just step on to our hand or be hand fed. I would love to get him
> to step on and be fed and and petted by us but him won't let us that
> close. we did but some gloves and got him out to the cage and we did
> stroke him but he didn't like it. He won't just sit on us he just
> flies off. Have you got any helpful hints on what we can do to tame
> him. Also is there any foods that they really love that we can tempt
> him with. Please help we love him to pieces and want to make his life
> and ours happier and closer.

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