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Date:Thursday July 28, 2005 2:13:20 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Exhausted hen?
Message:Linda wrote:
> I really can't tell for certain, but I'd sure like someone to let me
> know what kind of signs to look for if my Kiwi is exhausted from
> sitting on her eggs.

If she's tired of 'em, she'll give up and abandon the nest, simple as that. If you see signs of a problem (sleepy, tired, fluffed, lethargic, uncoordinated, weight loss, difficulty breathing) run to the vet. It's not exaustion from sitting on the eggs, but can be egg related, and life threatening.

> Is there any other way to tell if the eggs are viable than candling,
> without handling her eggs?

Nope. If you get good at it, you might be able to spot live developing eggs because they look and reflect light slightly differently (pink tinted and more solid) but really it's such a small difference that it's very hard to tell. Candling is about the only sure way to go.
> Kiwi is also in the habit of rolling the eggs from the back of the
> cage to the front, and under the water dish, then back.

Weird behavior, but what do you expect when she's got no nestbox? She shouldn't be rolling them around so much, but she doesn't know any better.
> Smart girl though. Sometimes when Mr. Bird comes to the eggs Kiwi
> rolls one out for him to sit on. Sometimes he sits next to her and
> just keeps his family warm, and then that odd thing of Kiwi rolling
> him an egg to sit on.

Again, not quite the usual behavior, but they are a new pair. Is MrBird definitely DNA male? Now that we know for sure Kiwi's a girl :)
> Weird also is the fact that Kiwi has pushed all nesting materials
> completely away from her. I don't know if the paper towels, cotton,
> and the like bothers her or not with that deformed foot of hers.

First of all, get rid of the cottonballs. It's too dangerous. Fibres can wrap around toes, constricting and cutting, or wrap around babies and strangle or slice them up. If eaten, cottonball fibres will not be digested, and the bird can become impacted - fatal if untreated, and the neccesary surgery is risky and quite costly. Cotton cloth, with no strings or loops, is OK but not the best nest liner anyway.

Nandays don't MAKE nests out of nesting material like the tweety birds (finches, canaries, etc). They are wired to find a tree hollow, throw out all the old junk collected in there, chew to clean up the sides and entrance. The only bedding left in there is what they can't kick out covered with a layer of chips they chewed up while cleaning. They don't bring in anything remotely resembling cotton or papertowels for nesting.

Next time try giving them access to a nice deep nestbox, with a deep layer of cardboard and pine shavings on the bottom.

Do your research, read everything you can get your hands on. There are tons of good books out there, as well as webpages on breeding, handfeeding, incubation, health...

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