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Name:Joe and Jake
Date:Thursday July 28, 2005 8:44:14 am MDT
Subject:Jake's poo is weirdly colored, an update and a question or two... please read the whole thing :)
Message:I have a feeling that the reason for his orange colored poo is because I have recently started feeding him pellets instead of seeds. Whenever he does his business it is orange. I am not worried because I am pretty sure the weird color is from the brightly colored pellets.

Other than that, Jake seems really happy now. He RARELY bites me hard and when he does I just put him away for a timeout. I can do anything to him. He is definatly a sweetheart and I suppose he just needed time to warm up to me. I feel bad if your somone else other than me who is trying to get close to him though. My fiance is afraid for her life when left alone with the bird (not really but its funny when she says it haha).

I am going to take jake to the vet on the weekend to get his DNA tested and to get him a check up (he has been sneezing alot and is pretty itchy). Are mites seeable with the human eye? Are there any signs I should look for if he is sick?

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