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Date:Thursday July 28, 2005 7:32:28 am MDT
Subject:Re: Exhausted hen?
Message:Hi Linda

Sure sounds like they are looking after the eggs well. Have you contacted local breeders to see what they advise??

I do hope they hatch ok.

By the way, I have emailed you almost every day but on the odd occasion I hear from you, you say that you've not heard from me. Strange. Have you accidentally got a block on my emails?

Linda wrote:

> I really can't tell for certain, but I'd sure like someone to let me
> know what kind of signs to look for if my Kiwi is exhausted from
> sitting on her eggs.
> Mr. Bird is still helping her. (He's so funny, cute and very animated
> in how he takes care of Kiwi and the eggs). And I will feel really bad
> for Kiwi if she's been sitting on eggs that won't hatch.
> Is there any other way to tell if the eggs are viable than candling,
> without handling her eggs?
> Kiwi is also in the habit of rolling the eggs from the back of the
> cage to the front, and under the water dish, then back.
> Smart girl though. Sometimes when Mr. Bird comes to the eggs Kiwi
> rolls one out for him to sit on. Sometimes he sits next to her and
> just keeps his family warm, and then that odd thing of Kiwi rolling
> him an egg to sit on.
> Weird also is the fact that Kiwi has pushed all nesting materials
> completely away from her. I don't know if the paper towels, cotton,
> and the like bothers her or not with that deformed foot of hers.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks: Linda

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