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Date:Thursday July 28, 2005 12:15:09 am MDT
Subject:Exhausted hen?
Message:I really can't tell for certain, but I'd sure like someone to let me know what kind of signs to look for if my Kiwi is exhausted from sitting on her eggs.

Mr. Bird is still helping her. (He's so funny, cute and very animated in how he takes care of Kiwi and the eggs). And I will feel really bad for Kiwi if she's been sitting on eggs that won't hatch.

Is there any other way to tell if the eggs are viable than candling, without handling her eggs?

Kiwi is also in the habit of rolling the eggs from the back of the cage to the front, and under the water dish, then back.

Smart girl though. Sometimes when Mr. Bird comes to the eggs Kiwi rolls one out for him to sit on. Sometimes he sits next to her and just keeps his family warm, and then that odd thing of Kiwi rolling him an egg to sit on.

Weird also is the fact that Kiwi has pushed all nesting materials completely away from her. I don't know if the paper towels, cotton, and the like bothers her or not with that deformed foot of hers.

Any ideas?

Thanks: Linda

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