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Date:Thursday July 28, 2005 12:07:52 am MDT
Subject:Re: Ziggy's test results
Message:ziggysmom, that's fantastic news that you have a healthy hen. As for a gym think about your space, what she likes to do etc............
But I'm also afraid fiddling with your glasses is never going to stop. You allowed it once, and now Ziggy views your glasses as one of her favorite toys. If they are wire, gold, shinny in anyway Good luck trying to get her to stop.


> She's a girl! Its official and all the blood tests came out great - so
> the vet says she is very healthy. YYAAHH!!!!!! Hopefully wont need to
> see her until her yearly checkup.
> Ziggy has gone bonkers for nutriberries. Tomorrow I will be trying a
> birdie bread recipe a friend gave me to add a little spice to the mix
> - so to speak.
> She still wont come onto my hand since last week, but she does come
> on my shoulder so now I say Ziggy Shoulder and good shoulder when she
> comes. She really likes sitting on the top of the cage and looking out
> the window. Anybody have a favorite playgym their nanday likes? What
> size should I get? I'd like her to be next to me at my desk, not
> always on my shoulder.
> And anyway to get her to stop playing with my glasses????? :)

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