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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Wednesday July 27, 2005 10:22:11 pm MDT
Subject:Re: dark eye ring - Sam?
Message:Why do you say, the very occasional import had dark eye rings? Do you mean, you saw a lot of imports with light eyes? In the Breeding Conures book by Robbie Harris there's a photo of a group of nandays recently released from quarantine, all with fairly dark eyerings. Not black, but not light flesh or white either. And a photo of an "adult hen" also with very dark eyerings. I asked a local breeder, who worked in a quarantine station and saw several thousand nandays pass through, what color their eyerings were. He said in fresh imports, very dark. After several weeks of indoor quarantine, lighter. (Innit disgusting? Thousands of nandays sold at $15 apiece, and where are they all now???)

Maybe there's a difference between individual birds, some fade much faster than others, some tan easier?

I have many photos of wild nandays. I am lucky enough to live within driving distance of several flocks. ALL the wild ones have very dark black eyerings, I haven't seen a single one with light eyerings yet. Although, I have a pic of one unique bird with white toenails...

Sam wrote:
> Bruce Byfield wrote:"Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any
> mention of this observation in any literature about Nandays, so I can
> only go on what I've seen."---I remember something published years ago
> on 'dark' nandays. Maybe the AFA magazine? Anyways, diet was one of
> the theories put forward on why the very occassional import should
> have dark eyerings. Stress was another theory, as was exposure to UV.
> Then there was the idea the dark eyering was a rare but normal color
> variation. There was even the suggestion dark nandays were a distinct
> subspecies, a subspecies with small numbers limited to a specific
> area.

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