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Date:Wednesday July 27, 2005 9:06:51 pm MDT
Subject:Ziggy's test results
Message:She's a girl! Its official and all the blood tests came out great - so the vet says she is very healthy. YYAAHH!!!!!! Hopefully wont need to see her until her yearly checkup.

Ziggy has gone bonkers for nutriberries. Tomorrow I will be trying a birdie bread recipe a friend gave me to add a little spice to the mix - so to speak.

She still wont come onto my hand since last week, but she does come on my shoulder so now I say Ziggy Shoulder and good shoulder when she comes. She really likes sitting on the top of the cage and looking out the window. Anybody have a favorite playgym their nanday likes? What size should I get? I'd like her to be next to me at my desk, not always on my shoulder.

And anyway to get her to stop playing with my glasses????? :)

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