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Name:Michelle Kelly
Date:Wednesday July 27, 2005 6:13:13 pm MDT
Subject:Re: older brown throated female conure ..very nasty toward men especially
Message:bonnie ulrich wrote:
> i have a 5 yr. old brown throated conure was given to me for its
> nastiness and it aggression toward men ,3 families im the
> 4th owner and have had her for 3 yrs.she doesnt talk..has no
> scared of music, water..touch and snuggling...wont
> play and is very sad...what can i do to make her trust me and let me
> trim her nails and love her?

Hi Bonnie,

With her age, her past and the amount of time that you have already had her, I would doubt that there is anything that will drastically change her behavior towards snuggling and being handled. I'm sure that she will improve over time with lots of love and patience, but she won't ever be perfect.

Does she have a friend to play with during the day to keep her mind active? At this point, getting a pal might be the best option. Of course I would keep them in separate cages so that they do not bond too much together -- or the situation with being handled by humans will worsen. But having them in the same room together for company and letting them out of their cage every day for play time will help. Also, coming up with a very regular schedule for play time, baths, bedtime, etc will be helpful. She may feel more secure and will look forward to time out of the cage and interacting with the playmate. Good Luck! :)

We have 6 parrots -- all of which were rescues -- from cockatoos, to conures to african greys. Some are sweethearts all the time, others are moody and one is plain mean to women, but that is part of what is so great about birds -- their personalities. I think your conure's personality will come out with a friend around. Also, I'm sure you cover her fully at night, but just wanted to make sure. It helps them feel secure. She might be good with a fuzzy cozy -- one of those hanging beds for her cage so she can relax if she needs to be alone or gets stressed out.

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