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Date:Tuesday July 26, 2005 2:26:07 pm MDT
Subject:Re: cage and shoulder
Message:How long have you had this bird, Carl? Is this a young bird recently purchased from a store or is this an older bird that you took in? Tell me a little more about the bird and what you know about his background, please.

From what little I have to go on I'd say your bird is probably afraid to come out of its cage. This can happen for several reasons and if you tell me a little more about your bird I can probably give you a good idea why this might be the case.

For some reason this bird might feel safest in his cage. Do you have any children in your home? How about any other pets?

If your bird is frightened you'll need a calm and patient personality to help draw him out. If you already have a good relationship with your bird "through the bars" then you are off to a good start. Will your bird come over and let you scritch him through the bars? Will he take a treat from your hand through the bars? Do you spend time sitting by the bird's cage and letting him observe you to learn your moods and reactions? Are you "predictable" in your moods and actions?

How does your bird react when you open his cage door? Will he accept a treat from you hands offered through the cage door? Take your time with the bird.

Answer some of these questions for me and we'll go from there. I'll try to help you. Keep in mind though that this is not something that is going to change overnight. It can take months of persistent but gentle interactions to make some progress. You can't force the bird to do this, it has to have a trust in you first. Forcing the bird to come out can ruin all the work you've done and all the time you've spent building the bond of trust to begin with. It can set you back further than you were when the bird first met you. The key is patience.

carl18192000 wrote:
> my nanday pancho is very close with me but doesn't come out of his
> cage. he is always in his cage and will never come out or come on my
> shoulder or finger. what can i do so he comes out his cage and come
> climb on my shoulder?

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