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Date:Monday July 25, 2005 11:35:46 pm MDT
Subject:Re: It's a boy!
Message:Ooo.. I can second that one... Jack just turned a year old this month. He is still as sweet as he can be. Loves to get scratched, rubbed, cuddled.. the whole nine yards... He is deffinatly my little green chicken baby (he chirps when I call him that.. we are working on "Bok Bok" for a new sound...) But the screaming.... holy cow can he scream... I thought I had lucked out woth the screaming for most of last year.. then it hit. Heh.. he still does it for the most part, and thanks to Margaret we have been able to manage it abit better. Enjoy the baby stage with him!


am wrote:
> Donna0508 wrote:
> > "I got an 11 month old Nanday from the pet store on Saturday and he
> is wonderful. I know it's only been a couple of days but I've not
> heard any of the screeching I've read about."
> ---Oh, you'll be treated to the famous, or infamous, nanday voice
> soon. You're both still on the birdy honeymood, wait till the bird
> feels really comfortable in your home.

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