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Date:Monday July 25, 2005 6:50:56 pm MDT
Message:I did manage to get Ziggy to the Vet for a check up last Wednesday. He was freaked a bit but didn't seem to mind the drive. Seemed to really enjoy the ride home :)! Vet said he looked good was at an appropriate weight. Did some blood tests that I will hear back on on Wednesday (she was gone for the weekend) and will find out the Chlamydia (sp?) and sex test results on Friday. The only thing was he is missing part of his hard palate on the right side. It could have been there from birth or as a result of several upper respiratory infections or a vitamin deficiency. She did a gram stain that came out OK so at least no antibiotics. He still wont eat people food, but he has gone bonkers for lafebers nutriberries. Will ask when she calls if that is OK. It was one of the samples she gave me to try and get him to eat pelleted food.

The only down side has been he no longer comes to me or gets on my finger since we got back from the vet. He wont step up to a dowel either.    I can sometimes coax him onto my shoulder. He is playing more with toys and likes to be out of the cage (on top of it - I am still taller than he is). When I can get him on my shoulder he will get me to fetch a couple foot toys. (You know he plays with them and throws them and I fetch for him).

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