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Date:Friday July 22, 2005 1:14:48 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Mixed feelings
Message:It is ok to shower with your bird. (per margaret) Dont put your bird into the direct spray though. let the water bounce off of your body and onto the bird. You dont need water getting into places it shouldnt because it can cause problems.

For those of you that saw my previous post about taking my nanday on vacation from Florida to Pennsylvania: The trip is over. Carl Conure was very well behaved during the whole 2000 mile trip. Actually i think he liked it. Nothing changed as far as sleeping or eating habits. Along with the bad habits as Yes he managed to get into trouble even in the car. lil nibshit! Now hes home and he seemed really happy to be back in his larger cage and back to his routine. On the way up i forgot about him and checked into a motel that you had to go through the lobby to get to the room. Yes it looked a little funny running with a flowered sheet covering the cage through the lobby at 1 in the morning but i made it without anyone seeing me. Thank goodness once carl is in bed he is there for the night.

well just wanted to share my vacation with everyone. We both had a good time and i didnt have to worry about someone else taking care of him while i was away. ( not to mention i didnt have

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