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Date:Thursday July 21, 2005 12:18:41 am MDT
Subject:Leaving things alone
Message:As time progresses we've been very excited over our Nanday's becoming parents, and at the same time we have learned to give them their space. Kiwi does not like to be touched except on rare occassions.

Touch Mr. Bird? It's ok for the most part unless she thinks you are doing something to him then she comes on a dead run.

She's also picked up an interesting habit. Since she laid her eggs on the cage floor she generally keeps all three eggs in the back corner, but occassionally she will roll them to the food drawer and then baack- yes, Mr. Bird is feeding her some, but she still gets hungry.

She also shifted and shuffled all of the nesting material away. She hasn't showed much interest in utalizing the nesting materials that were given to her.

Funny thing: If I vacum, oh my! The alarm for preditor is sounded and there is no stopping their shreiking until I put it away.

It's ok though. Even though the eggs might not hatch, and we can't candle them because of the position they are in we still hold out hope that we'll see hatchlings in the alotted time it takes for little birds to develop.

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